Australian Chart Book: The Albums 1952-2018

Written and compiled by David Kent

Ths book was published in 2019.  It lists the biggest charted hit albums from the introduction of LP records in 1952 to CDs, downloads, streaming and the re-introduction of vinyl LPs in 2018.


Includes chart data previously published in Australian Chart Book 1940-1969, 1970-1992 and 1993-2009, and a selection of albums covering the years when no week-by-week charts were available: 1952 to 1964.


Features include:

  • Chronicle of each year from 1952 to 2018, including the top ten albums of each year from 1965 to 2018.  See sample page
  • Artists listings covering these, in a similar format to the previous books.  See sample page
  • Chronological list of number one albums.
  • Available in soft cover only.  502 pages.  ISBN 978-0-646-80013-4
  • Cost: $95.00, including postage, within Australia. (Additional postage costs for international orders).
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