Australian Chart Chronicles 1940-2008

Compiled by David Kent

This book was published in 2009, and consists of two big sections:


Annual Top 100 Charts: These charts may differ from some of the year-end charts previously published in "Kent Music Report", "Australian Music Report" or "Australian Chart Book 1970-1992".  The previously published charts were usually based on calendar years, and various different formulas were used in their compilation.  One problem with calendar-year charts is that the hit status of those songs and records whose chart life spanned the weeks in December-January was not fully recognized. To overcome this problem, I have used a formula which allows such songs or records to be included in one year only: this is usually the year in which the song or record reached its highest position in the weekly charts, or had its longer run with the weekly top 20.  From 2006 onward, the year is that in which the record first reached the top 20. Please see sample page


Chronological Chart Entries: is basically one long list of all songs or records that have reached the charts for the 69 years from 1940 to 2008.  A total of 23,786 titles.


  • 1940-1948: Monthly top 20 chart entries of songs.  Many of these are listed with more than one version.
  • 1949-1955: Weekly top 20 charts entries of songs.  Many of these are listed with more than one version.
  • 1956-1959: Weekly chart entries of songs.  The length of the charts varies between January 1956 and August 1958, after which time the weekly charts consist of 100 titles.
  • 1960-2008: Weekly chart entries of records.  "Records" may be various vinyl formats, cassettes, CDs or downloads.  Different versions of the same song are listed separately.  'B' sides, or secondary tracks, are listed wherever these tracks became prominent at the time of charting.  EPs (extended plays) are also included.
  • 2006-2007: From April 2006 to October 2007 was a period when download charts were available, but insufficient data was available to compile a combined weekly chart of physical sales and downloads.  The list includes some records which would have probably been included in a combined chart. Please see Sample page

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